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The Vigilant Brotherhood serves many of the functions of a police force. They patrol both city and countryside, breaking up fights, arresting people when there is sufficient evidence of their guilt, and dealing with unexpected bodies. They do not investigate crimes; that is the job of Witnesses. Members of the Brotherhood tend to be insensitive and harsh, and are sometimes corrupt.

The Vigilant Brotherhood originally sprang from the mystery of Anmura the Protector. The Anmureise mysteries are banned by the Church, but the Brotherhood may still practice them within their chapterhouses.

There are branches in Cetho, Amalo, and within the Untheileneise Court. The chapterhouse in Amalo is a grand building on General Parzhadar Square, many centuries old.[1] It has a crypt in the basement which is not fitted for gaslight.


Subpraeceptor Azhanharad is a member of the Amalo chapter. He is a tall, broad, half-goblin man from the Mervarnen Mountains who prefers force to subtlety. Azhanharad is suspicious and disbelieving of Othalla Celehar's calling, but works with him when a Witness for the Dead is needed.

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