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Thu-Evresar is a principality of the Ethuveraz.

People and Culture[]

The accent of the western part of it is distinctive.

There is a local folk song about a woman who let her lover murder her husband and then went mad and murdered him.  After the townspeople put her to death, her ghost walked the streets screaming first for one man, then the other. Both Telimezh and Maia knew it.

Maia and Setheris were relegated to the manor of Edonomee for seven years.

Telimezh grew up here.



Calestho. Home of Telimezh.


Valno. Akhalarna fell to earth here.

Other Locations in Thu-Evresar[]

The Edonara are marshes in the western part of the principality.

Edonomee is a manor of the Drazhara in the Edonara. It used to be a hunting lodge.