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A clerical Witness for the Dead; a prelate of Ulis; kinsman to Csoru Drazharan. Instrumental in rooting out the Tethimadeise Conspiracy. At one point he lived in Aveio. He later becomes a Witness for the Dead in Amalo, where he is the only Witness in the city who can speak to the dead, at the request of Prince Orchenis.

Physical Appearance[]

" more than ten years older than his imperial patroness...slight-boned...but with so little flesh over his bones that Maia could see every separate knob of his wrists. His eyes...were vivid blue...and his fine milk-white curls were barely jaw-length." His voice is described as rough, gravelly, rasping, ugly, and broken. He has a black silk coat of office, which is worth more than the rest of his wardrobe combined, and three frock coats patched at the elbows. When he grows his hair out, he keeps it in a "sober prelate's braid" with pearl-headed hairpins.[1] His earrings are all brass.

Personal Life[]

Thara once had a lover named Zhemena, but this relationship ended.[2]

While serving in Aveio, Thara had a married lover named Evru Dalar. Evru killed his wife, Oseian Dalaran, and Thara was called as Witness for her body, and condemned his lover for her death. Heartbroken and depressed, Thara resigned his prelacy and went to live on his kinsman Csoru's charity in the Untheileneise Court. While there, he was asked by Emperor Edrehasivar to be the Witness for the Wisdom of Choharo. Once he had found the perpetrators, he realized that he still felt called to be a Witness, and took a position in Amalo, where the Amalomeire paid him a small stipend to be a general Witness for the Dead for anyone who wished for his services.

His favorite type of tea is orchor, which is dark and bitter and strong.

In Amalo, he feeds stray cats.



Notable Cases[]

Thara's most notable case was investigating the crash of the Wisdom of Choharo and solving the murder of Emperor Varenechibel IV and his sons.

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