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A clerical Witness for the Dead, a prelate of Ulis, and kinsman to Csoru Drazharan. He was instrumental in rooting out the Tethimadeise Conspiracy. At one point he lived in Aveio. He later becomes a Witness for the Dead in Amalo, where he is the only Witness in the city who can speak to the dead, at the request of Prince Orchenis.

Physical Appearance[]

Thara is an elvan man. He is very thin in a sickly way and has dark circles under his eyes. He has bright blue eyes and fine white hair. After renouncing his prelacy, he cut his hair to jaw length, but he grew it out long enough to braid back into a prelate's braid after he began serving as a Witness for the Dead in Amalo. His voice is rough and gravelly due to an illness.

His clothes tend to be worn and patched. His favorite frock coat (before it was destroyed in a ghoul attack in Tanvero) is black with gray embroidery. He wears brass earrings and glass hairpins that look like pearls.

Personal Life[]

His maternal grandparents were named Velverada.

Thara once had a lover named Zhemena, but this relationship ended for unclear reasons.[1]

While serving in Aveio, Thara had a married lover named Evru Dalar. Evru killed his wife, Oseian Dalaran, and Thara was called as Witness for her body, and condemned his lover for her death. Heartbroken and depressed, Thara resigned his prelacy and went to live on his kinswoman Csoru's charity in the Untheileneise Court. While there, he was asked by Emperor Edrehasivar to be the Witness for the Wisdom of Choharo. Once he had found the perpetrators, he realized that he still felt called to be a Witness and took a position in Amalo, where the Amalomeire paid him a small stipend to be a general Witness for the Dead for anyone who wished for his services.

His favorite type of tea is orchor, which is dark, bitter, and strong.

In Amalo, he feeds stray cats. He reads the newspapers and Barizheise novels when waiting for petitioners; it is unclear how much he enjoys either.

Religious beliefs and personal piety[]

Thara was initiated into the cult his Velveradeise grandparents were members of at age 13.

we knew that Ulis was not the true name of the god of death, of dreams, of mirrors and the moon. His true name was never spoken aloud, save only for the initiation of each child into the mysteries. We worshiped unspeaking, and for myself, I continued the rituals of silence, kneeling in the light of the seven candles before an altar made out of an old dressing table and a black coat too threadbare to be worn. The only precious thing I owned lay on the old black coat on top of the dressing table, the long silky coil of Evru’s hair, as white as moonstone, which I had shamefully stolen when they cropped his hair for his execution.[2]


Thara began his service to Ulis as a novitiate shortly after he turned thirteen.[2]

He is currently a Witness for the Dead in Amalo. Many of his cases are referred to him by the Vigilant Brotherhood of Amalo, but he also accepts petitions from anyone who asks. He has an office in the Prince Zhaicava building in the Veren'malo.

Notable Cases[]

Thara's most notable case was investigating the crash of the Wisdom of Choharo and solving the murder of Emperor Varenechibel IV and his sons. While in Amalo, he investigated the murder of the opera singer Arveneän Shelsin.

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