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Second Nohecharis to Edrehasivar VII; a Lieutenant in the Untheileneise Guard. His first partner is Dazhis Athmaza and his second is Kiru Athmaza.

Background and Personality[]

Bunu (first name given via Word of God) Telimezh is from Calestho in Thu-Evresar, twenty miles from Edonomee. He has two sisters who used to sing a folk song about a woman who killed her husband and lover. When he joined the guard, he was taught how to lose his distinctive accent.

When he became Second Nohecharis, he was nervous around Beshelar and Maia, although he soon overcame it. He is protective of Edrehasivar, willing to explain court etiquette and other such things to him when necessary. When Edrehasivar wished his nohecharei to guard him from the next room, Telimezh was the one who told him no.

“Serenity, it is our oath. We are sworn to guard you, just as we are sworn to silence about anything we may witness. We will not betray you.”

When Edrehasivar sleeps, Telimezh's favorite place to stand guard is in the window embrasure.


Telimezh was on duty when Maia explored the Alcethmeret and met the servants, and also when he went to visit his mother's tomb before his coronation. He took oath to Edrehasivar during the coronation.

Telimezh was on duty when Thara Celehar began his examination, and for the funeral of Varenechibal IV and Maia's uncles. He was on duty when Maia went to meet with the representatives of the clockmaker's guild.

When Dazhis attacked as part of Uleris Chavar and Sheveän Drazharan's coup attempt, Telimezh was put to sleep by a soporific cantrip. He tried to resign out of shame for not seeing Dazhis' treachery, but Edrehasivar convinced him not to. Telimezh did not object to being partnered with Kiru, and accompanied Edrehasivar to watch Dazhis' revethvoran.

He was not on duty during Eshevis Tethimar's attack, and came on duty early to replace Beshelar, when he was injured.