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An othasmeire is a chapel or temple or other place of worship.  Both Edonomee and the Untheileneise Court have Othasmeires.

The Untheileneise’meire[]

The Othasmeire in the Untheileneise, the Untheileneise’meire is built of marble which echoes, and it has six chapels for different gods.  One of the six chapels is the Mich’othasmeire, the Chapel of All Gods  The shrine of Ulis in the Untheileneise's Othasmeire is not big enough for a state funeral, so biers of the Drazhada are placed in the oculis.  The Untheileneise’meire is "a vast white edifice, a dome supported on pillars like the trunks of ancient trees. The gaslights, in their antique faceted globes, cast strange shadows among the pillars. It was cold, colder even than the frigid open rooms of the Alcethmeret.  The tombs of the Drazhada circled the walls outside the ring of pillars, a wide double-row of sarcophagi, too many to count and yet not enough to complete the circle around the dome."

The Shrine of Ulis[]

One of the six shrines is dedicated to Ulis.

The Shrine of Csetheio[]

One of the six shrines is dedicated to Csetheio.

The Shrine of Osreian[]

One of the six shrines is dedicated to Osreian.

The Mich’othasmeire[]

The sixth shrine is the the Chapel of All Gods.  It is seldom used, because most services are too large for individual chapels and most individual devotees pray in the chapels of the more popular gods.  Maia uses it to meditate.

The Othasmeire at Edonomee[]

The Othasmeire at Edonomee is "dank and grimy."