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Only child of Chenelo Drazharan and Varenechibel IV (fourth son of the emperor); relegated by his father first to Isvaroë (with Chenelo Drazharan) and then to Edonomee (with Setheris Nelar); see also Edrehasivar VII.

Edrehasivar Zhas, seventh of that name, the 209th Emperor of the Elflands, sometimes called the Winter Emperor, sometimes called the Bridge-Builder.

Maia was born on the Winter Solstice, and his augury of favor is Cstheio Caireizhasan, the Lady of Stars. Maia's mother died when he was nine. Maia became emperor when he was eighteen, ten years after his mother's death.


Maia is a half-goblin man. He has "an ugly scrawl of scars on his left forearm, where a blow of Setheris's had knocked him into the elaborate and hideous wrought-iron antlers that adorned the fire screen" when Maia was fifteen. He has dark skin, knobby knuckles, and Drazhadeise pale grey eyes. His hair is dark, thick, and prone to knotting.