Hesero Nelaran is the wife of Setheris Nelar. During his relegation she worked to have him freed, and she was shocked when she learned he had abused Maia Drazhar.

Personal Attributes[edit | edit source]

Hesero is an attractive middle-aged Elf woman who dresses well and uses elegance to make herself beautiful. She uses old-fashioned manners such as curtsying instead of bowing. She has very long hair. She genuinely cares about Setheris.

"She was a year or two younger than her husband, crow's-feet showing behind her maquillage...She was not beautiful, but through sheer force of elegance she contrived to seem so...she had one thin milk-white braid falling down her back past her hips."

Activities at Court[edit | edit source]

Hesero knows many people at the Untheileneise Court. During Setheris' relegation, she regularly sent him letters with gossip about things happening at court. She also worked to have him rehabilitated, although this was unsuccessful.

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