The Goblin Emperor Wiki

Children under thirteen are addressed as michen, "little."

Commoner men are all Mer Lastname. Unmarried women are Min Lastname; married women are Merrem Lastname. The plural is merrai for a group of men and minnoi for a group of women; "merrai and minnoi" for a mixed-gender group. Older women are sometimes called Dachenmaro, which seems to indicate some form of motherhood.

Noblemen are Osmer. Unmarried noblewomen are osmin; married noblewomen are osmerrem.

High-ranking noblemen are dach'osmer (dach is a short form of dachen or "greater"). Unmarried high-ranking noblewomen are dach'osmin; married high-ranking noblewomen are dach'osmerrem.

Othala is a term of respect for a prelate, though considered old-fashioned in the Court.

Skilled artisans or those with high rank in their guilds may be called dachensol.

Mages are called maza; a high-ranking or more powerful mage is dachenmaza.

The Emperor is always "Serenity." His wife is zhasan if he is alive and zhasanai if she is widowed.